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Cross-sell Options and Promotions

Cross-sell Options

A cross sell option is recommended to ensure customers have the opportunity to buy more products based on their interests.
Treepodia needs four or five cross sell options, and an “out of stock” status to make sure one appropriate option is always offered to customers.
This info should be provided in the product datafeed or in the clients’ datafeed.

If you are already a Treepodia customer, then we have your cross-sell information available as part of our big data.
We can also work with a default cross sell option, which can be included in the template without the need for mapping the datafeed.


To make the most of your videos, we recommend you add a promotion (such as a discount, coupon or free add-on) towards the end of the video.
You would need to clarify if the promotion should go to all customers or if it needs to be personalized.
If you would like it to be personalized, it should be detailed in the datafeed as a field for each client / SKU / promotion.

Updated on September 9, 2021

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