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Clients’ Datafeed


We need you to export or create the datafeed of your clients, so we can deliver videos that are personalized and offer rich content.
This also allows us to enable automated delivery for all of your clients. A client’s datafeed is a list of the different fields of information that you have for each of your customers.

For example, their name, email, customer ID when and which item they last bought, additional related products that you would like to offer them, their birthday or other special occasions.

There must be a field in the data feed for the unique identifier of each client, i.e., customer ID or email or a combination of several fields.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to name each field, as long as the required fields exist and the names make sense.
For example, the SKU field can also be called ID, product_id, code, as long as it’s the same field used in your product data feed.

See below a sample datafeed for a list of customers and recommended fields.
It should be an .xml or a .csv file.

The more fields of information you have within your client data-feed, the more options you have for video content.

Feed Examples:

Updated on September 9, 2021

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